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Why Use a Professional Talent Buyer?

First of all an experienced talent buyer will have many years of experience working with all the various talent agencies and have numerous close contacts throughout the industry.  The experienced talent buyer will have thousands of shows under their belt and have seen thousands of contracts and riders.  You can also think of it as like real estate transaction where there is a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent.  Since most people do not buy and sell many homes they prefer to use a professional agent to represent their interests and make sure the transaction goes smoothly.  In this case the talent buyer would represent the client wishing to engage an entertainer and the Artist's  agent would represent the Artist.  The professional talent buyer will also negotiate the price and the multitude of other terms involved in an Artist's contract and rider.  They can also be of great service in negotiating the other financial aspects involved in the event such as venue cost,  production costs, air, ground, and hotel costs and much much more.  BookaBandMan LLC The Premier Talent Agency of Rochester, MN.

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